Portrait painting in oil. Realistic oil portrait of man

Portrait painting in oil on a canvas for nice men. http://www.art-portrets.ru/oil-painting-video.html Realistic painting portrait in oil from photo drawn by artist Igor Kazarin on a canvas in the size of 40 sm on 50 see Time of execution of this portrait has borrowed 3 weeks. In this video stage-by-stage process of drawing of a portrait by oil, with high-speed drawing playback is shown. Realistic oil painting portrait has deserved great glory starting with depth of centuries.Presently oil painting portrait in style of realism loses the positions concerning other methods of drawing portraits, but nevertheless admirers of artist drawing portrait in oil on canvas in realistic style to become more and increasing every year and it is no surprising in fact for understanding such portraits are accessible to much.

Продолжительность видео: 09:44 мин

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